Let's start with the basics:

  • Born and raised in Sacramento, CA

  • Married to my hubby for 11 years

  • Momma of two girls!

  • Dedicated to loving and following Jesus

  • Ambivert (a mix of introvert and extrovert)

  • I love to laugh!

  • Attended Bible college and Full Sail University

  • Say coffee date and I'll be there!

  • Everything I own is black ('cause black is classy, darlin'!)

  • My dream home is a somewhere in the mountains that either is or resembles a log cabin

  • I'm a techie with a yearning for times before technology

  • The mountains have been calling me for years...I just haven't gone yet

Things I Enjoy:

  • Long conversations about Jesus

  • I have a thing for coffee mugs, and I can't explain it

  • Road trips / Day trips

  • Being in the mountains and hills

  • Quiet spots by secluded lakes

  • I'm not an avid reader, but I do enjoy reading

  • Digital art for relaxation

  • Leading worship

A Little More About Me and My Why:

I stumbled upon photography in college when I got my first digital camera. I enjoyed it mostly as a hobby but as time went on, I started discovering my passion for the art. For years, after college and getting married to the love of my life, I entertained the idea of doing it for a living but then pulled the trigger and officially launched Francesca G Photography in 2018. Since then, it's been a journey of growing, getting to know so many wonderful souls, and making friends along the way, one laugh at a time!

When it comes to photography, I have one main quote: "I want to capture you just as you are."

Each person, family, couple, etc., has their own story to tell, and I'm here to document your special moments and milestones in a way that is unique to you and your story. And the truth is, some people enjoy the simplistic approach to a photo session (i.e. "smile!"), and then some desire to get out and have a full blown adventure while being photographed. I LOVE both!

I'm a lover of candids and wholeheartedly believe that the spontaneous moments are the best! I am passionate about shooting the real, organic moments and aim to document the emotions that surface. During your session, I'll talk to you, ask you questions that encourage you to reflect, and maybe hug those around you a little tighter or steal a kiss from your love, all unprompted. I find so often that I don't have to give many prompts because people are enjoying what is happening in that moment that I'm just snapping away and capturing the most raw, sweet interactions. (Let me tell you a secret... those tend to be the best shots!)

If I'm photographing your wedding, I'm not just your photographer but also an extra helping hand. Need help putting your shoes on, someone to arrange your veil, hold your bouquet, change outfits between the ceremony and reception, bustling your dress? I'm your assistant and hype girl for the day, constantly laughing, keeping things bright and celebrating with you on your special day!

I love what I do because I’m always meeting new, incredible people with amazing stories... stories of pain, love, loss, struggle, healing, and triumph. And I have the privilege of documenting their stories! Even outside of my business, I've heard many testimonies of lives being change, and I believe those stories are worth telling…and, just maybe, your story can make a difference in someone’s life!!

If your idea of adventure is in the mountains, by a river, dancing in the sunset, wandering through the fields, I'm with you ever step of the way!

If your idea of adventure is in your home with your loved ones enjoying those priceless moments, let's get comfortable and have the best time!

Kind Words

“Francesca is amazing to work with! She was so accommodating to our 6 month old baby’s nap schedule when trying to find a time to set up pictures. She was so professional and kind. Her patience with our dogs was also amazing. She squeaked a toy for them until we got the perfect family picture! She edited and sent us our photos in no time. We highly recommend her for anyone looking for a professional, patient photographer.”

“She's kind, easy going, and helped us to relax, and enjoy ourselves. We were so surprised at how quickly we got our photos back! We're very happy with our experience with Francesca.”

“Our go-to photographer! I love all the work she’s done for us with our wedding and, most recently, our maternity shoot. She's so easy to work with and such a fun spirit!”

“I love Francesca’s unique, personal style, backgrounds, and quality of her pictures. Really recommend her for every occasion.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't capturing creatives the same as "branding photography?"

Maybe to some, but for me, no.
I have attempted to get into branding photography. However, it is a very different area of photography. Now, while I love the idea of working with entrepreneurs and assisting them in developing/photographing their brands, I have more of a heart to photograph creatives in their element.

The difference is that I'm not helping to build a brand, which includes all the bells and whistles (brand colors, fonts, logos, etc.). Instead, am allowing the creative to do what they want and am capturing moments that they simply want to remember, frame and hang on their walls, or even use for their online presence.

If I inquire about your services, am I obligated to book with you?

No. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you feel necessary to know if I'm the photographer you want to work with. While I hope everyone that comes to me would like for me to photograph them, I am more adamant that your photographer is someone you're comfortable with.