I'm Francesca... but Fran is easier to remember!

Photography was never something I wanted to do. I became hooked the first time my college mate handed me their camera and said, “take a couple shots!” I discovered the beauty of capturing people and moments and have been on this journey of storytelling ever since. What first started off as a hobby has now become a passion.

For me, one thing is key: I want to capture you just as you are! I'm a lover of candids and wholeheartedly believe that the spontaneous moments are the best! I am passionate about shooting the real, organic moments because the last thing we need is to paint ourselves as something we’re not. Growing up, I struggled with a lot of insecurities about my appearance and what other people thought of me. Through many years of depression and self-hatred, I compromised and became somebody I was not. I plastered a smile on my face in order to avoid the question I always cringed at when asked: “Are you ok?” Through a lot of seeking God and surrounding myself with the right people who have spoken love into my life, I've overcome so much and now I believe the truth that I am beautiful, accepted and loved!

I love what I do because I’m always meeting new, incredible people with amazing stories. Stories of pain, love, loss, struggle, healing, and triumph. And I have the privilege of documenting those stories! Even outside of my business, I hear so many stories and believe they are worth telling…and just maybe, your story can make a difference in someone’s life!!

"She's kind, easy going, and helped us to relax, and enjoy ourselves."

-Janet + Greg